Hikari Aoki

Hikari Aoki initially encountered Jazz at Capolinea, the well-known live Jazz house in Milan. This experience made her commit to become a vocalist and move from Europe to New York. Training with Philip Hamilton(once a vocalist in the Pat Metheny Group) contributed so much for her unique, stylish and artistic way of singing.

Her first album "Indigo"was released in 2004.
In 2005, she released the live DVD that she co-performed with Ron Carter, the renowned bassist.

The 2nd album, "Charlotte Street"(named after a street in London) was released in November 2011. Every song in this album evokes various scenes from her favorite European movies.

In March,2012, she started hosting the radio show program”Cinema Noir Music” on FM COCOLO. In May 2012, she had a very successful show at "Fringe Club" in Hong Kong, Also in the same year, she performed at a place with 800 years of history, "Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria Kyoto" and at exotic bars, such as "MADURO" and "Anjin" (Daikanyama T- SITE).

The 3rd album, "Bond Street" (named after a street in New York City) which was released in December, 2012, has a sensual and nostalgic feel reminiscent of New York.
Following the release of this album, she did a release tour successfully starting at “Billboard Live Osaka” in December, “Fringe Club” in Hong Kong” and “The Sultan Jazz Club” in Singapore in January,2013 and also “Once In A Blue Moon” in Korea in May.

In 2012 and 2013, she performed again with Ron Carter at “Cinema Birthday in Kobe” .

After 2 years, her long waited 4th album”Ice House Street”(a street in Hong Kong) was released in November, 2014. She did again a tour both abroad and in Japan starting at “Anjin”(Daikanyama T-Site) in December and “Franz & Friends” in Taipei ,”Fringe Club” in Hong Kong and “Billboad Live Osaka”in February 2015 with great success.

In November,2015, she released her 5th album titled “Otokouta” the first Japanese album which consists of covers of Osaka’s cool dude songs that are arranged in her own nostalgic stylish way. Releasing the show was at “Billboard Live in Osaka” in February and “Anjin”(Daikanyama T-SITE) in March 2016. She’s also together again with Ron Carter at “Cinema Birthday in Kobe”

In November,2016, she had a special show at the world cultural heritage site, Kongobu-ji Okuden(not open to the public). Following the success of “Otokouta”, a new album “Otokouta...Midnight in the Rain” was released in November 23rd!

In July 2017, she has participated in Jazz Festival in Umbria Italy and also had live concerts at Sandomenico Palace Hotel in Sicilia.

In December 2017, she released 7th album “ Le Jazz Noir” .
For the anniversary release, she had a live concert at the Cotton Club in Tokyo in December 2017 and at Billboard Live Osaka in February 2018.

In August 2018, she had live concerts at Ashiya Shrine, and Kongobu-ji Okuden again and released 8th AL "Lʼamour" with Ron Carter.

In 2020, she released 9th AL "Otokouta... Nostalgia", the third in the "Otokouta Series" with Ron Carter as a guest again.

Hikari Aoki will continue pursuing her career primarily in Asia.